Thoughts and Inspirations

  The art of mastering thoughts - The key to happiness lies within ourselves



The carousel of thoughts

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts and even more thoughts. Always the same thoughts. Your own thoughts and somebody else's thoughts. Sentences, word fragments, ruminations. Thoughts about things we can not change. Unnecessary thoughts. Sorrows, doubts, fears and images, a lot of images and imaginations, many, many imaginations. Thoughts about the past. Thoughts about the fuiture. These are all images and imaginations that only exist in our heads. And the wheel keeps on turning constantly and the brain produces thoughts and even more thoughts and imaginations and even more imaginations and pictures and even more pictures...and it is permanently turning - this mill wheel of thoughts, while we miss the reality that only exists in the here and now.



Thoughts block our view

We are locked up in our own thought-prison. A prison made out of thoughts that very often are not even our own. Thoughts of others who spoke them out loud. We experienced the power of words. Words of fear, of self-doubts, of hopelessness, of failure  - negative remarks of other human beings who got out of balance, who are not at peace with themselves. Words that hurt. And we were weak and insecure in that moment and unwary and we adopted the thoughts of other people as our own and now they circle in our heads. They are spreading like the poison of a snake. But, the poison can only have an effect, if we allow it. There is a gate in the fence. We have a free will.



Loosing one's way

Sometimes things take place in our lives, that cause us to loose our path. That might happen fast and suddenly, e.g. by a seperation, through a stroke of fate, by a deep disappointment, or it happens very slowly and sneakingly. Trapped in our every-day-monotony we more or less put up with the circumstances and loose our way in doing so. Eventually we wake up and realize with a shock that what we are doing at the moment is not our way anymore. We have the feeling that we will miss something. We stopped reaching out for the stars. We became dull and we stumble with heavy and burdensome steps. Being blind to the beautiful things in life, we just follow any path. Maybe because that one is so comfortable. Maybe because we got used to it and we are putting up with it. Maybe we do it, because somebody told us that this is the right way for us and because of our insecurity and fear we just followed those instructions blindly. Maybe somebody even grabbed our arm and pulled us onto this path or maybe we gave somebody our hand and let this person pull us according to the motto "I do not know where to go to and that is why I just go with somebody and let this person lead.". Suddenly we open our eyes, look around and realize that we are at a place, we did not want to go to. Maybe we are even in front of a fork in our path and we have to choose which path we will take, even if this path will not be the same as the one of our partner or a close friend anymore. Sometimes we have to go separate ways.



Not seeing the forest for the trees

In our lives we also can end up in situations where we don't see the forest for the trees anymore. Then we lost our path totally. Then we stand still, because we do not know anymore where to go to, because the path can not be seen anymore. Then it is good to look inward, because it does not make any sense to walk without knowing what the goal is and how we can get there. We would only get lost, wander around aimlessly and in the end we will get entangled in the thicket. Maybe a big fear caused us to rush off in a headless way. We run and run and do not even know where to go to. We just want to get away. We will hurt ourselves on the thorns, stumble over roots or even fall into a hole. The time will come where we can not run away anymore. Sooner or later everybody will get tired, who does not come to a stop, rests and reflects. If you have lost your way, a compass can be an important help, because then we at least have a direction. Often looking up to the stars is already enough.



The gray rocky desert

Sometimes life appears to us like a huge, monotonous, gray, rocky desert. We crawl up the first big gray rock and realize that there is another big, gray rock right behind the first one. With a deep sigh we also crawl up that one and to our consternation there is the next big, gray rock in front of us. Desperate and close to break out in tears we also climb up that one to find out frustrated that the next big, gray rock is lying there in wait for us. The desert of big, gray rocks seems to be unendlessly big. But, it is only the small edge of a wide, comfortable road and the stones function as a stabilization so that the road will not slide down the hillside. Next to it there is a colorful meadow with a lot of flowers. Maybe the ladybug forgot for a while that it has a pair of filigree, but very effective wings under its shiny, red wing covers. As soon as it is weary of crawling over gray stones, it will remember of having a gift for flying within himself. It will rise itself into the air and fly to the colorful flower meadow. There it will regain strength with food and rest at a comfortable place.  



Why should somebody who was born with wings wear oneself out crawling over huge grey stones day after day? It is not good to dismiss the longing deep inside as reveries and to put up with the gray rocky desert, especially not if you have wings.



Mastering the storms of life

The sun is not always shining in our lives. From time to time we get into a heavy storm. Very often we can not avoid the storms. Maybe we were just not on the watch enough and we did not see the storm coming. Maybe we do not have the possibilty to avoid the storm. Maybe an evasive move would bring us too far away from our course. However that may be, in situations like this, there is only one way: We have to go through that storm preferably without sinking or being smashed on the cliffs. It may happen that we will have to replace one or another sail and plug one or another leak. It may even happen that we have to stay in the dry dock with our ship for a while until it is totally seaworthy again. All of this is not that bad as long as we do not drown with all hands. The motto "let's close our eyes and press on" is definitely not the right strategy in a big storm. It is important to see the storm as a big challenge that requires our full awareness and the use of all our skills. A storm can bring out the best in each of us. In a storm awareness and calmness and a clear mind are the most important requirements in order to ride out the storm healthily. If we can master the storms in life, we will always be stronger and enriched with quite a number of experiences. Maybe then we will see the storms coming in the future and seek shelter in a bay in advance. Maybe we will be able to circumnavigate the storm without our cargo getting spoiled, because of the detour being too long. Maybe we will grab the helm experienced and self-confidently with both hands and yell a "Here I am! This is my ship!  And this is my course!" into the howling storm. We brave the boisterous elements with experience, strength, reason and prudence, but without overconfidence. Awareness, fast reactions and a clear mind despite poor visibility are the tools. Don't forget the compass and don't loose sight of the goal.



Resting in still waters

Sometimes we have the impression that our whole life is one seemingly never-ending storm. We struggle and struggle and struggle. We scoop and scoop and scoop the water out of the ship that has sprung a leak with a small dipper. We are desperate, because our ship is constantly in danger to sink. More and more water is continuously flowing into the boat and our small dipper and our remaining strength is not enough in order to scoop out the same amount of water, so that the boat does not sink. By then at the latest it is time to allow youself a break. To give somebody else the dipper to keep on scooping, though the dipper is too small, would not be fair. When we come to think of it, we will realize that we were the ones who did not want to see that it does not make any sense anymore to sail against the storm. In the end we were the ones who refused to take a different course. Maybe we as being the capt'n of this ship did not want to take the responsibility for making decisions that led to this situation due to the lack of experience. It also could be that the ship is lying on a sandbank already and we are still scooping the water out of the ship with the little dipper without noticing that our ship can not sink anymore, that above us the sun is shining, and that the seagulls are creeching out that the shore is close. No matter which point we reached in situations like this, when we are totally exhausted, it is high time to seek still waters. We do not have to brave the rough sea whatever it takes. We need a stay in still waters in between, so that we do not loose all of our strength. On a still lily pond we can stretch ourselves out in a rowboat, enjoy the silence and let the waves sway us, until our strength is recovered. Strength comes from calmness.



Sleeping deeply and relaxed

This cat here is sleeping totally relaxed on a warm car hood right next to a little street. She just lies down and sleeps. It might happen that she will dream about something, but for sure she will not toss and turn, because of one thought after the other flashing through her head. She will not worry about her future. She will not ruminate on whether the cat from the neighbourhood likes her or not and she will not think about where the next mouse will come from. As soon as she is well rested and gets hungry, she will get up, stretch herself and go hunting, so that she can rest again after the effort and a meal. We as human beings can do the same thing, if we put a stop to the constantly chattering thoughts in our minds.    



Mentally well-prepared into the next race

From time to time we are facing a big and important event, e.g., a contest, a test, a performance, etc.. And if a lot depends on this, it may happen that we are seized with uneasiness. If our self esteem and self-confidence are not strong enough, then it may happen that we are doubtful about our abilities shortly before the start. We become nervous, break out in sweat and maybe even our hands start shaking. Though we are well-prepared, we are in danger to miss our goal, because we are not able to concentrate enough in this crucial moment. In this blink of an eye, when it really matters, we are physically present, but totally somewhere else in our thoughts. We are everywhere, but definitely not in the here and now. Then the important moment comes and is gone at a glance and we missed this crucial blink of an eye. The important moment belongs to the past now and we missed the chance. In situations like this it does not help to cry over spilt milk anyway. Now it is much more important to reflect why we were not present in this important moment. Thoughts about yesterday and tomorrow cloud the view at the here and now. This can reach the point where we drive from point A to point B and ask ourselves later if we passed a red traffic light. In many cases it is not the lack of ability that causes us to fail, but the lack of awareness, attention, concentration and being totally present in the here and now. Our arrow will hit the target, if in this crucial blink of an eye, there are only the bow, the arrow, the target, and the archer with full concentration and awareness in the here and now.   



 The leopard can't change its spots

"Oh well", sighed the little caterpillar and then it continued: "Life is like it is and the leopard can't change its spots." In that moment a butterfly flew by. If a caterpillar is fully grown, it spins itself into a chrysalis. This chrysalis is well-camouflaged and unremarkable. It seems to be lifeless, but there is a transformation going on inside. When the time is ripe, a butterfly will emerge out of the casing of the chrysalis. First the wings need to be unfolded and they have to dry in the sun, before the butterfly can use them. But, then it will rise up into the air and dance with the wind. The dragonfly spents most of its life as a larva on the muddy ground of still waters. Because of its extendable "mask", it looks frightful. Whoever does not know it, can not anticipate that one day it will transform into a wonderfully beautiful being and that it will be as swift as an arrow. When the time has come, it will climb up the stem of a reed. After a while the unremarkable, brown casing will break open and it will emerge slowly and laborious from its narrow prison, that provided protection for all these years. It pumps up its big size wings. It also has to wait until the sun dried its wings before it rises up into the air. One moment it will stay at one spot in the air, then it will dart off as swift as an arrow. There is a butterfly or a dragonfly in each and everyone of us. But, a lot of people don't have the courage to leave the protecting chrysalis. The world is so colorful and big, but instead of discovering it, some people rather spend their lives in the well-carmouflaged and protecting chrysalis and dream about the wide world and put up with the fact that the longing in their souls and hearts will never be satisfied.



Protecting yourself

In order to protect yourselve, you do not necessarily have to stay inside your chrysalis. You can not unconditionally count on this kind of protection, because if the cover gets blown, the chrysalis will become a trap, because butterflies can not fly during this phase of their lives. It is also possible to hop around and climb and enjoy life totally free and self-confident wearing a colorful garment without any camouflage. To be able to protect oneself does not necessarily depend on body size. What we have inside of us, is what always matters. A lot of attacks from the outside can be avoided, if we show our colors already in advance and nail them to the mast in an indisputable way. Whoever is not well-disposed towards us, oversteps our boundaries disrespectfully, ignores the indisputable warning and bullies us, will bear the blame. Whoever is protected that well from within oneself, does not have to hide.



Getting a new overview

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When thoughts fall quiet

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Totally awake in a resting state

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Different ways of looking at things

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The way to peace

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Strength comes from calmness

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Getting ready for take off

We all have a free will, but sometimes we are not able to use it. We talk ourselves into believing that we are trapped. Maybe we are in a situation, that looks like there is no way out. Maybe we are trapped in a relationship that causes pain in our soul. Maybe we struggle to make a living by doing a job that is not our calling. Maybe we are at a place where we do not want to be. We can name hundreds of reasons, why we can not escape from all of this, but that will not change the fact that we have a free will and even if it is only the free will to handle a situation in a different way, that we can not change from one day to the next. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and as soon as we see it, the time to get ready for take off has come. Long enough we have spent our lives well-camouflaged and unremarked on the muddy ground of still waters. Now it is time to look for a suitable reed and to climb out of the murky water into the fresh air and into the daylight. There we will break open our shell and emerge from the protecting, but confining coat of armor. We will unfold our wings and wait patiently until the sun dried them and then we will be prepared and ready for take off to discover life with all its little and large wonders and the diverse possibilities in a new way, while the light of the sun paints rainbow colors on our wings.



The place for free development

If we finally have found the place, where we can unfold our personality in a free way, we should put down roots into the good ground and stretch our branches out into the sky and towards the sun. As time goes by we will continue to grow. Our stem will get stronger and our roots will grow into the earth until we reach the ground water. Then we will not suffer from thirst anymore and withstand every drought. If the ground water level sinks, our roots will grow even deeper into the earth and anchor us even steadier and that is how we will withstand the storms. Our branches will fork more and more and our thick stem will carry a big crown one day. Under this roof other beings will seek shelter and in the fall we will give them a lot of fruits so that they will have enough to eat during the cold winter time. It takes time before a tree is bearing fruits. It is not only a matter of development, but also a matter of age and that is why we should grow old in joy and dignity and show honor for the old age. Whoever is looking for this place for free development somewhere out there in this world, outside of oneself, will not find it, because it lies within ourselves. But, only in harmony with everything that is, we will grow.

Mastering the thoughts is the key to happiness.

Master your thoughts. I show you how.

Carmen Kwasny